This section will serve as your guide for preparing and tagging your items successfully. Following these guidelines will have a substantial impact on how well your items sell. Please read this section carefully and keep these guidelines in mind as you prepare for the sale. We realize that this is a lot to take in, but the information here is important in order for the sale to run efficiently, give our shoppers an enjoyable experience, and most importantly to make you some money!

If you have any specific questions that are not answered here, check the FAQ page.

Please note that due to limited space and item counts from previous sales there will be a limit of 30 hanging items per size and gender for all infant clothing up to 18 months. If you bring more than that at check in, you will be asked to choose the 30 you’d like to consign and the rest will be sent home with you.

Items that ARE accepted: (all items must be in GREAT condition)

  • Children’s clothing, infant through size 10, gently used or new with tags
  • Maternity clothing (current styles only, please) and pregnancy related items (belly bands, Snoogles, etc)
  • Kids Halloween and dress-up costumes
  • Clean children’s shoes in like-new condition (no dirty soles, scuffed toes, etc)
  • Small children’s furniture in good working order – changing tables, bassinets, highchairs, etc (must be assembled at the venue during consignor drop-off); if you are in doubt as to whether a large item is acceptable for the sale, you may email us pictures for pre-approval before you drop-off
  • Baby equipment – play yards, strollers, swings, exersaucers, activity mats, bouncy seats, baby carriers, etc
  • Car seats and booster seats under five years old (please call DOT @ 800-424-9393 to ensure that they have not been recalled) Car seat waiver *must* be signed
  • Nursery items – clean, gently used bedding, Boppy pillows, baby bathtubs, monitors (under five years old), mobiles, etc
  • Kids’ toys, including small ones like action figures and blocks, as well as large ones like play kitchens and rocking horses (all toys must be in good working order with batteries included and no broken or missing pieces)
  • Pretend play, dress-up clothes, and very gently loved dolls
  • Sports equipment, clean and in like-new condition
  • Children’s bikes, ride-on toys and wagons in great condition
  • Books, including children’s storybooks, as well as books on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare
  • Children’s games, with all associated pieces
  • Electronics, including Leap Pads, Nintendo/Playstation systems and games, handheld video games, etc
  • Children’s movies and shows on DVD (VHS is accepted, but not expected to sell well)
  • Any kid-related item in good condition!

Items that ARE NOT accepted: (please look your items over carefully to ensure they meet our standards before spending time tagging them)

  • Large furniture – beds, large rocking chairs, dressers, etc.
  • Clothing that is out-of-date, stained, torn, faded, with missing buttons or broken zippers
  • Any recalled item – check the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website if in doubt about a particular item
  • Cribs – read more here.
  • Mattresses (unless new and still in packaging)
  • T-shirts from schools, camps, sporting events, vacation spots, etc. (basic t-shirts or those that coordinate with outfits are accepted)
  • Juniors clothing
  • Adult clothing, with the exception of maternity clothes
  • Underwear or nursing bras (unless new in original packaging)
  • Diaper pails that have not been used with liners (those such as Diaper Genie, Diaper Champ, etc will be accepted)
  • Battery operated items without batteries
  • Car seats, booster seats or infant carriers older than five years
  • Anything broken or with missing parts