In order for the girls to always feel confident and be able to appear with the most attractive, youthful and radiant appearance, in addition to the proper clothes, women always have to carry with them makeup accessories such as: lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, … to support you whenever you need. One of the most important accessories, which you can’t forget to carry with is the nail polish color. Although nail polish is very common and widely used today on around the world, there are certainly still a lot of things that you don’t know about it. Have you ever heard of the name “DND daisy nail polish” or “gel nail polish DND”? So, let’s follow the following article to have more specific understanding!

General Introduction to Nail Polish Colors

The history of nail polish

DND Daisy Nail Polish

The idea of ​​a modern nail polish product was first coined by a French make-up artist named Michelle Menard. During these 1920s, a completely new type of car paint was developed with a unique color and high durability. Inspired by this paint, Mrs. Michelle has developed a separate formula specifically for nails that is safe for everyone to use without any problems!

The introduction to DND daisy nail polish colors

The gel nail polish DND is the top 5 “hottest” nail polish brands and it is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of nail polish in the United States. Therefore, the composition of nail polish colors DND is very safe and benign. You can rest assured when choosing to use DND nail gel polish to beautify and care for the health of your nails. DND gel polish colors are all bright durable and they have high adhesion. You may not know DND gel nail polish color has the most diverse palette of colors with more than 300 colors!! This color collection can be considered a huge treasure of nail design and creativity ideas for you.

This type of nail polish has special ingredients such as: polymers, monomers, urethane acrylates … so they have the advantage of fast drying, extremely high color fastness, when applying it on nails, the color is very glossy and beautiful.

The main ingredients in nail polish

There are many ingredients in a nail polish bottle, for DND nail polish, vitamins are added to nourish the nails and provide nutrients for nail’s growth, but the main ingredients are indispensable:

Film forming agent

Nitrocellulose is one of the most important ingredients in nail polish. Because it helps create a hard film when the nail polish dries to create beautiful durability. However, this ingredient is no longer present in nail polish products of some famous brands.

Polymer glue

If you want nitrocellulose to stick to your nails, you also need to use another chemical, which is polymer glue. The most commonly used polymeric glue is formaldehyde resin. Especially through experimental studies, it has been proven that it is completely harmless, because the inherent properties of formaldehyde are lost during the resin-making reaction.


Castor oil, dibutyl phthalate, acetic acid, fatty acids … are groups of substances added to the composition of nail polish to create flexibility and adhesion.


To make a complete nail polish product, it is necessary to combine many types of compounds together and for these compounds to blend, mix together and work properly, a solvent is indispensable. Common solvents include butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, isopropyl… They have the property of helping to shorten the drying time of the paint and will slowly evaporate, disappearing during the drying process.

Gel nail polish has a very even, beautiful and eye-catching color, it is popular and trusted by many women. Although it is said to be non-toxic, big brands such as DND, OPI, SNS, LDS, Kiara Sky are still making efforts to produce chemical-free nail polish.

Final thought

Nail polish is a fashion accessory that helps each person beautify, but it is necessary to know how to use it properly to both ensure aesthetics but at the same time keep it safe for your health as well as your nails. Hopefully, the above article has provided you with really useful and practical information for you to better understand DND Daisy’s nail polish products! With an affordable price and a collection of more than 300 colors, there’s no reason to ignore this gel nail polish product line.