The world is fast-changing, and you’ll discover a lot of traditional practices are evolving. You do not need to take those bothersome trips to the salon now and then for your manicure. The advent of soak-off nail polishes nearly a decade ago has changed the narratives in the world of beauty.

Beauty companies and cosmetic producers have strived to meet up the fast-growing needs of her users worldwide. Gelixir soak-off colors is used almost the same way as regular nail polish, but they dry up much faster, smoother, and last longer. They also come in various forms and colors. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Gelixir colors for your manicure.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

If you decide to apply your manicure from home, you must be armed with facts and benefits without doubt why you should employ a soak-off gel nail polish.

Top Reasons Should Choose a Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

Gelixir soak-off colors nail polish is long-lasting and reliable

Most regular polishes stay for a few days and begin to wear off; however, gel nail polishes can last up to three weeks when properly applied.

You will probably think applying it is cumbersome?; you guessed wrong. In using soak-off nail polishes, you need to file your cuticles and soft buff your nail surface, cleanse it, apply a dehydrator, rub in a bit of primer, then use the base coat and two layers of Gelixir gel polish coating and finally furnish it off with the top layer coat and dry off each layer with the aid of a UV lamp.

That way, you will have a durable and beautiful nail manicure smiling back at you. In addition, the different layers of coating, especially the base coat, helps secure your natural nail fast and prevents chipping with the top layer coat, which is quite visible.

It has a stress-free and quick application

With your nail polish brush applicator, you’re good to go with applying your soak-off gel nail polish. The three coating layers to be applied can be quickly done with your nail polish brush. This is why it is a process that can be done away from the salon.

Furthermore, soak-off gel nail polish doesn’t dry with air. Instead, it makes use of a special ultraviolet light to dry off. So if you need to correct any previous touch, it is pretty easy with this nail polish, unlike other acrylic and gel nail polishes that can barely be fixed once set. And in the event you’re not satisfied with the entire process, you can quickly soak it off and restart the process.

Gelixir colors gel nail polish appear beautiful and glossy

Gel nail polish is a beauty to behold once you’re done applying. They come in various appealing colors and shine very brightly. The fragrance is also friendly and charming.

You can replicate a standard salon manicure at the comfort of your home

Many services are now carried out from home, and soak-off gel manicures have not been left out. If you decide to polish your nails at home with Gelixir soak off gel polish colors, the process remains the same as that of a salon procedure.

You will hardly tell the difference between soak-off gel manicures done at home than one done at a salon. You will require a UV lamp, your bottles of the three-layer coats, and a couple of preparatory equipment like your file, primer, nail cleaner, and dehydrator. However, they do not require a unique skill set, and no one has to teach you their application.

It’s easy to invent nail designs and patterns with soak off gel nail polish

You can create and recreate various formats on your nails using as simple as your nail brush and gel nail polishes.

It can be easily removed and recreated for every detail you impress if there is a mistake or dissatisfaction. But, again, it’s the ability to not air dry that makes it easy to work on; before the advent of gel nail polishes, the traditional nail polishes dried off too quickly, leaving manicure stylists and design enthusiasts at a disadvantage to impressing their desired pattern on the nails before finishing.

The top coating of the soak-off gel nail polish acts as an adhesive if you want to add shiny stones to your manicure.

Soak-off gel nail polish corrects nail surface defects

They can cover up any form of blemishes on your nails by employing the dense nature of the base coat. It is a beautiful upgrade from the thin covering offered by the regular nail polishes that still exposes these defects after finishing.

Soak-off gel nail polishes offer a form of protection to nails

Many environmental hazards constitute a nuisance, and they affect the hands all the time. These hazards, such as germs, rain, and harmful gases, can affect the nails and increase the risk of getting infected. Soak-off gel nail polishes help protect you from these numerous hazards. Also, they help your nails grow evenly and intensely over time.

Soak-off gel nail polishes are easy to remove

Just as the name implies, they are the only polish known to be removed by soaking off. Other gels and polygels are pretty tricky to remove, and they require a lot of equipment to achieve. The soak-off gels are chemical-free, and they do not require a lot of processes and no pressure to remove.

Soak-off gel nail polish comes in multiple colors

Any color you can think of will get it in Soak-off gel nail polishes, and Of course, no matter their combinations and demand. They are designed to suit that color combination you think never existed; you can practically get any color that matches with all your clothes and events you need to grace.

Soak-off gel nail polishes have cooling effects

There is always one drawback familiar with various polishes and lacquers: the sticky and warm effect. However, Soak-off gel nail polishes have solved that problem by providing its users with a cooling after impact on its products.

Along with this, cooling effects gel nail polishes also come with thermally induced mood changer, glow in the dark effects, and lots more products to boost your mood and give the desired result!


When your hands look so sophisticated, people will ask you for referrals. You can become a stylist at this rate. All it takes is your decision to start using Gelixir soak off color nail polish!