Having oily skin gives you a really tough time especially while doing makeup. The oil makes everything sticky and ruins the whole time you spent on it. It also gives an unpresentable shine to the face. Face looks extremely sweaty and gross due to excessive sebum. Makeup does not stay on the face for longer and it kills the whole purpose of applying makeup. Imagine you took hours to get ready and the moment you stepped out of your home, your makeup was already washed off.

For all these reasons, it is very important to know about the right choice of makeup products as well as the correct way to use them. In this way you’ll get the glamour of your desires without disturbing your skin.

Makeup on Oily Skin

A makeup routine you’ll love

Here is a makeup routine that is absolutely loved by people with oily skin. It is designed in such a way that it controls oil production and keeps it confined throughout the day. In this way, you can enjoy your events with confidence.


Starting with a primer, use the one that seals the pores. It should be mineral in nature so all your skin pores can be locked in place avoiding oil to protrude out. Let it stay for a while so it can soak deeper.


First of all, match your foundation well with your skin tone. Second comes the matching with your skin type. It should also be easy to blend and light weight. Use of the best lightweight makeup for oily skin has been reported beneficial by a lot of people. It glides on the skin so well and becomes part of it. The way it complements the role of primer and seals the pores is extremely beneficial. Also, it does not create a white cast on your skin.


Moving on to the concealer, try to cover all the spots of your face that are prone to open pores and oil production. Also cover your eyelids with concealer so this way your eye shades will settle better.


Powder sets the entire makeup and creates matte finish. Do not use creamy textured powder. Use the one that is totally dry. In this way, your makeup gives off a long lasting finish.

Eye shadow

Now talking about eyes, it is better you don’t experiment with extremely dark colors. This is because the dark color makes the oil pop out more. Go for a bit lighter yet vibrant tones.


Uplift the entire look by a rosy, light colored blush. Make your cheeks prominent and attractive.

How to prevent oil breakouts

One key factor in preventing oil breakouts is the choice of products. If you choose very heavy products, they will ultimately trigger the oil glands and lead to pigmentation. A product that is compatible with your skin type can give you much better results.

In the prevention of oil breakouts, Korean products are really helpful. A Korean BB cream is one such product that you can try. This masks the oily layer and gives you a more natural, matte and subtle look.

One very important advice is to use medium to broad coverage makeup products. These are very beneficial for oil skin as they allow easy application and smooth finish.


Finishing it all on this small note, oily skin is no doubt a challenge for makeup. This not at all means that you can not get glammed up. Just by following a few tips and simple ways can greatly help you. Just keep your focus on controlling oil breakouts. Follow the suggested makeup routine and forget about your makeup worries. Get a long lasting, glowing makeup that you have always been dreaming of.