We cannot really deny the fact that OPI gel manicures are one of the best gel manicures, and the result it gives is just so flawless. Also, along with their colors and shades, OPI colors are durable.

Do you also love gel manicures? But, the only reason you step back is because of the time-consuming removal process of the OPI gel colors. We know that taking-off gel nail polish can be quite time-sapping and can cause nail damage too! But, as we said OPI gel colors are one of the best, considering these drawbacks they launched a completely new technology for protecting your nails from getting damaged. OPI releases the products known as the ProHealth Technology, which includes the ProHealth base coat and the ProHealth top coat.

How does it work?

Both, the ProHealth Base Coat and the Top Coat work as a unit. You can get started by applying the ProHealth Base Coat underneath your gel polish to protect your nails from getting damaged. The ProHealth technology promises to nourish your nails and makes it easier to retain the nutrients of the nails. I would highly recommend not skip this step, as it is important for your nails.

Of course, you need to cure the OPI ProHealth base coat under UV light. Now comes the fun part- the OPI gel nail polish colors. OPI offers more than 100 shades to try from. So, you don’t have to worry about finding your perfect shade. Choose whichever shade you like, get your nails painted, and cure it under UV light.

Finally, the last step is applying the ProHealth Top Coat which keeps the manicure chip-free and maintains the shine of the OPI gel polish. Every step needs to be cured under the UV light and make sure the polish sets totally on your nail beds.

Have you heard about the OPI’s soak-off gel lacquers?

If you are searching for a brand that does not cause much damage to your nails, then you might love the OPI’s new technology. But, before this, if you haven’t heard about soak-off gels, let me tell you that OPI soak-off gel nail polish is more commonly known as soft-nail gels. The conventional nail polishes are hard to remove and take much time to dry. While the soak-off gels can be easily removed as well as dried, cured under UV light.

The real magic happens at the time of the nail gel polish removal. As we know, the gel nails usually take 10-15 minutes to remove, but with this new OPI ProHealth Technology, the removal becomes pretty easy.

For the removal process, you just have to soak your cotton pads in acetone until it soaks completely. Then, wrap your nails with aluminum foil, and keep it for around 7 minutes. The polish might be already broken when you take off the foil and apply the oil. This technology takes half of the time than the previous one. So, you are definitely going to love them! It makes things much easier for us.

Now, let’s conclude some of the good reasons why you should have the OPI gel-lacquers in your cosmetic bag

If you are looking for a nail polish that’s easy to apply at your home itself, then you can try these amazing OPI nail gel colors. They are easy to apply.

Another benefit we all know is the long-lasting wear of these colors. These gel nail colors can stay up to two to three weeks long and still look like they have just been applied.

You don’t have to worry more about the smudges and dents, these OPI gel nail lacquers dry within 30 seconds. You can dry them easily under UV light.

OPI soak off gel lacquer are gentler and healthier for your nails, causing less damage to your nails.

These colors come in more than 140 shades to choose from.

You can easily change the colors if you wish to match it with your dress just a day or the night before. There’s a way too little hassle for both the application as well as removal.

You can also touch up your nails. Even though your nails grow and you find it embarrassing for your nails, you can fix it at your salon and apply the same gel color again.

You can easily remove these nail gel colors in your comfort zone. Easy removal is the most appealing benefit of this nail color. You can take off the colors simply with the soaked cotton pads in acetone.

Also, these OPI nail gel colors don’t have a strong smell like the conventional ones. They are also chemical-free.

You can DIY too, it can be some value-for-money investment.


If you are excited to try this and have never tried it before, then order it for yourself today or go to your nearest salon. Hope you will love it!