A woman is the most beautiful creation in the universe, and she deserves to get the best of everything in life. Right from the most attractive dresses to augment her beauty to the perfect cosmetic makeup arrangements, she has it all. Nails are very much part of her beautiful body. Hence, they, too, require the best of her attention. No wonder you have excellent nail polish products like SNS dipping powder available to enhance her beauty quotient to the ultimate attraction levels.

When discussing dipping powder, let us learn the entire dipping powder procedure to help you master it to perfection.

The Dipping Powder Manicure

Does the name sound unique? The procedure has got this name, Dipping Powder Manicure, because it involves you dipping your nails into the dipping powder bottle to get the perfect finish. Though the procedure might look odd, it has its benefits:

Dipping Powder Manicure is a long-lasting procedure. A correctly done manicure can easily last up to three to four weeks comfortably. Your natural nail growth is the only reason that can force you to remove the manicure and go for a new one.

This manicure does not use harsh chemicals that harm your nails and surrounding skin.

The dipping powder manicure process does not involve the use of a UV lamp for curing the polish. 

Compared to other manicures, dipping manicure is the easiest to master. Though it is advisable to get the manicure at a nail salon, you can perfect the home technique.

How to get SNS Nails using dipping powder?

The best part of a dipping powder manicure is that anyone can perfect it with a bit of practice. It does not involve painting your nails using brushes. Hence, the question of being right-handed or left-handed does not arise. Learn how to apply dipping powder at home and go on to embellish your nails to the best of your ability.

Preparing your nails for the dipping powder job is critical. It is better to use a sterilized nail cutter and a nail file to get your nails in shape without sharp edges. It is advisable to have the nails extending over your fingers before you try out any dipping powder manicure. Otherwise, the powder could stick to your finger edges and spoil the entire manicure.

The next part is to buff your nails and prepare the nail surface. After buffing the nail, you can use a lint-free nail wipe to remove all debris. The purpose is to get a smooth finish. The cuticles might obstruct the nail manicure. Hence, it is better to push them back into their sockets using an orangewood cuticle pusher. You can also clip the cuticle edges using the nail cutter.

Once you are ready with your apparatus, you can start the dipping powder procedure. The first step is to apply the base coat over the entire nail. It is better to leave some space between the base coat application layer and the cuticle. It will prevent the dipping powder from getting inside your cuticles.

You can now proceed to dip your nails into the SNS powder nails bottle. Alternatively, you can sprinkle dipping powder over your nails to form a perfect layer. If there is any excess powder on your nails, you should ensure to dust them off.

It is advisable to use a thin brush and even out the powder to have a uniform thickness all over the nail. If it becomes too thick, it will affect the luster. If the powder sticks to your fingers, you can always remove them using the nail wipe. Before applying the topcoat, it is better to ensure that you do not have any dipping powder sticking to any part of your fingers.

Applying the activator gel is the next step. This gel layer helps bind the dipping powder to the nail and ensure its longevity.

Use a high-quality topcoat application to get the luster you need. You can apply multiple layers if you require a glossy finish. The fascinating aspect of the dipping powder manicure is that you do not have to cure the polish under a UV lamp. Thus, you avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The topcoat application dries on its own with exposure to air. The results are evident. You get an immaculate glossy finish to your nails. You can proceed with showing off your SNS dipping powder colors on your social media handles like Pinterest, Instagram, etc.


You will agree that the dipping powder manicure procedure is an easy one to master. Anyone can do so with a little bit of practice. In this way, you save time and money. Besides, it is the healthiest way to get a nail manicure, especially in times of pandemic. Keep watching this space for more dipping powder secrets like removing dip powder polish and tips on maintaining your SNS nails.