10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

The world is fast-changing, and you’ll discover a lot of traditional practices are evolving. You do not need to take those bothersome trips to the salon now and then for your manicure. The advent of soak-off nail polishes nearly a decade ago has changed the narratives in the world of beauty.

Beauty companies and cosmetic producers have strived to meet up the fast-growing needs of her users worldwide. Gelixir soak-off colors is used almost the same way as regular nail polish, but they dry up much faster, smoother, and last longer. They also come in various forms and colors. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Gelixir colors for your manicure.

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose a Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

If you decide to apply your manicure from home, you must be armed with facts and benefits without doubt why you should employ a soak-off gel nail polish.

Top Reasons Should Choose a Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

Gelixir soak-off colors nail polish is long-lasting and reliable

Most regular polishes stay for a few days and begin to wear off; however, gel nail polishes can last up to three weeks when properly applied.

You will probably think applying it is cumbersome?; you guessed wrong. In using soak-off nail polishes, you need to file your cuticles and soft buff your nail surface, cleanse it, apply a dehydrator, rub in a bit of primer, then use the base coat and two layers of Gelixir gel polish coating and finally furnish it off with the top layer coat and dry off each layer with the aid of a UV lamp. (more…)

The Difficulties of Makeup on Oily Skin and Their Solutions

Having oily skin gives you a really tough time especially while doing makeup. The oil makes everything sticky and ruins the whole time you spent on it. It also gives an unpresentable shine to the face. Face looks extremely sweaty and gross due to excessive sebum. Makeup does not stay on the face for longer and it kills the whole purpose of applying makeup. Imagine you took hours to get ready and the moment you stepped out of your home, your makeup was already washed off.

For all these reasons, it is very important to know about the right choice of makeup products as well as the correct way to use them. In this way you’ll get the glamour of your desires without disturbing your skin.

Makeup on Oily Skin

A makeup routine you’ll love

Here is a makeup routine that is absolutely loved by people with oily skin. It is designed in such a way that it controls oil production and keeps it confined throughout the day. In this way, you can enjoy your events with confidence.


Starting with a primer, use the one that seals the pores. It should be mineral in nature so all your skin pores can be locked in place avoiding oil to protrude out. Let it stay for a while so it can soak deeper.


First of all, match your foundation well with your skin tone. Second comes the matching with your skin type. It should also be easy to blend and light weight. Use of the best lightweight makeup for oily skin has been reported beneficial by a lot of people. It glides on the skin so well and becomes part of it. The way it complements the role of primer and seals the pores is extremely beneficial. Also, it does not create a white cast on your skin.


Moving on to the concealer, try to cover all the spots of your face that are prone to open pores and oil production. Also cover your eyelids with concealer so this way your eye shades will settle better. (more…)

10 Reasons You Will Love OPI Gel Nail Polish Colors

We cannot really deny the fact that OPI gel manicures are one of the best gel manicures, and the result it gives is just so flawless. Also, along with their colors and shades, OPI colors are durable.

Do you also love gel manicures? But, the only reason you step back is because of the time-consuming removal process of the OPI gel colors. We know that taking-off gel nail polish can be quite time-sapping and can cause nail damage too! But, as we said OPI gel colors are one of the best, considering these drawbacks they launched a completely new technology for protecting your nails from getting damaged. OPI releases the products known as the ProHealth Technology, which includes the ProHealth base coat and the ProHealth top coat.

How does it work?

Both, the ProHealth Base Coat and the Top Coat work as a unit. You can get started by applying the ProHealth Base Coat underneath your gel polish to protect your nails from getting damaged. The ProHealth technology promises to nourish your nails and makes it easier to retain the nutrients of the nails. I would highly recommend not skip this step, as it is important for your nails.


Master the Skill of Applying SNS Dipping Powder

A woman is the most beautiful creation in the universe, and she deserves to get the best of everything in life. Right from the most attractive dresses to augment her beauty to the perfect cosmetic makeup arrangements, she has it all. Nails are very much part of her beautiful body. Hence, they, too, require the best of her attention. No wonder you have excellent nail polish products like SNS dipping powder available to enhance her beauty quotient to the ultimate attraction levels.

When discussing dipping powder, let us learn the entire dipping powder procedure to help you master it to perfection.

The Dipping Powder Manicure

Does the name sound unique? The procedure has got this name, Dipping Powder Manicure, because it involves you dipping your nails into the dipping powder bottle to get the perfect finish. Though the procedure might look odd, it has its benefits:

Dipping Powder Manicure is a long-lasting procedure. A correctly done manicure can easily last up to three to four weeks comfortably. Your natural nail growth is the only reason that can force you to remove the manicure and go for a new one.


How to Remove Dipping Powder Nails

Dip powder nails, also known as OPI powder nails, have gained prominence, with many women globally acknowledging its benefits and preferring it over other nail manicures.

Dip powder manicures have their advantages over other manicures:

The first, they last longer than almost all other manicures.

The second, dip powder manicures do not sacrifice your nail’s health.

The third, the process is convenient and does not require curing under the UV lamp.


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